Time flies when you’re having fun!  Time heals all wounds!  Time moves slowly but passes quickly!  There are so many quotes on time, probably hundreds.

To me Time is Precious.  Every moment is a gift regardless if we like it or not, it is a gift.  Have you ever received a present and when you finished ripping off the paper and opened the box, you gasped and had to quickly change the look on your face because it would have given away the fact that you were appalled, disgusted, scared, wanted to cry or laugh and just downright hated it?  -OR- The gift was so amazing it took your breath away and maybe you cried with tears of joy?  Those moments, good or not so good when strung together make Time, which then weaves so beautifully the fabric to make up each and every life.    We as humans have a tendency to only see the bad and take our gift of time for granted until we are either presented with the possible loss of time or and an actual death.   Maybe that is why I find my Time on this tapestry of life precious.  I have seen the death of family, friends and at one point as a Certified Nursing Assistant and Hospice Volunteer the death of residents at the location I worked at.  It was an honor to be in their presence at their final moments and to be a comfort when I could.   Also, with as many surgeries as I have had there was the thought of “what if”.  I never really did get a Last Will and Testament in place (note to self – need to do that).  Regardless there was the slight fear of no more time.  I love being in this time and sharing my time with everyone.  I have quite a few dreams/goals to bring to fruition so I plan on doing my best at putting my time to some good use.  I AM Grateful for every second even the ones I look at and say a few curse words during.  LOL

Now my question to you.  What are you going to do with your time?




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